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Managing Workplace Distractions during March Madness

According to Nick Otto of EBN (March 19, 2017), March Madness is listed as one of the top employee distractions for business each spring.  It ranks third among tech-related causes for work delays following text messaging and facebook use.  According to Philippe Weiss, Seyfarth Shaw at Work; he offers these tips to minimize the mayhem.

  1. Bosses should not bet – it limits their ability to manage bracket crazy employees who may cross the line.
  2. It may be beneficial to encourage staff to watch the tournament in designated break areas and during their employee break times. Setting out food lessens the chance employees will slip away during work hours to catch a part of a game.
  3. Keep it cash free – If your workplace is committed to March Madness pool, instead of cash – offer prizes adorned with Company Logo.
  4. Keep your ears open for complaints and ensure your managers are ready to respond to any “trash” talk that may be raised between employees.

Source: Nick Otto, EBN – March 19, 2017