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The EEOC recently released the following preliminary FY 2018 data:

  • The EEOC filed 66 harassment lawsuits, including 41 that included allegations of sexual harassment. That reflects more than a 50 percent increase in suits challenging sexual harassment over fiscal year 2017.
  • In addition, charges filed with the EEOC alleging sexual harassment increased by more than 12 percent from fiscal year 2017.
  • Overall, the EEOC recovered nearly $70 million for the victims of sexual harassment through litigation and administrative enforcement in FY 2018, up from $47.5 million in FY 2017.

Employers should note that there is little doubt that the trend of allegations, enforcement, and litigation will continue. They should at a minimum: establish, distribute to all employees, and enforce a policy prohibiting harassment and setting out a procedure for making complaints. Such a policy is normally set forth in the employee handbook.