Direct Support Personnel Responsibilities

What do Direct Support Professionals or Caregivers do during their day?

Direct Support Professionals or Caregivers are responsible for a multitude of activities for their clients. Here are a few examples of what responsibilities a DSP has during a normal shift:

  • Providing Direct Care to individuals with disabilities such as intelluctual or develemental disabilities.
  • Assist with person care such as personal hygiene, medical monitoring, daily tasks, and health care related tasks.
  • Ensures safety of client while maintaining a safe environment.
  • Reporting clients condition to those mentioned in reports.
  • Documents daily tasks, medical condition, and items needed.
  • Plans for meals, prepares meals, and helps with feeding/clean-up as needed.
  • Accompanies client to appointments as needed.
  • Assists with toileting as needed by client.

These are just some of the many services DSP’s or Caregivers provide throughout their daily shift with each client. At Ahead Health Louisville we offer staffing and job offerings for these roles. Learn more at the links below!


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