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The EEOC Increased the Number of Lawsuits it Filed Against Employers in 2023

The EEOC’s enforcement statistics for 2023 show that the agency filed 143 discrimination lawsuits, an increase of more than 50% from 2022. A recent SHRM article included the following information regarding the suits:

13 of the suits were based on Age Discrimination;
43 of the suits included hostile workplace environment (27 based on sex or sexual orientation and 15 based on race or national origin); and
48 were based on Disability.

Employers in the Hospitality, Health Care, and Retail industries were the most favored targets of the lawsuits. It should be noted that the EEOC does not only go after large Employers, as 6 of the suits involved small Employers.

To avoid charges of discrimination, Employers should carefully evaluate all adverse employment actions, and consistently apply policies in a uniform manner. Applicants with a disability should all be carefully considered, with hiring decisions being based on the qualification and ability to perform the job, with or without reasonable accommodation. AHEAD can help you with compliance!